Comparable Domain Sales

Like land, today most search generic premium Domains are already owned… and when available, are bought and/or sold as a private transaction between a buyer and a seller... or sold in the Aftermarket at one of the Registries or Auction sites. At the Aftermarket Auction sites, you will find an inventory of Domains that are available for sale by other owners / investors.

A few of the more popular Auction sites include,,,, and There are others ~ and you can go to and follow the advertiser links to find other Auction sites as well. is a current events and information site largely devoted to Domain investors… or "Domainers" as they are frequently referred to. It is an excellent educational source.

Before investing in an existing, premium Domain name ~ you may want to do a little brainstorming with friends and associates over what you want your Domain to do. What do you want it to say… do you want to project a certain image? Do you want to create a "Brand"? If so, are there some two to four word combinations that will do this? Jot down some ideas and see if they are available from an ICAAN approved domain name Registry like or Make sure your Domain ideas match most of the criteria for successful premium generic Domains.

  1. .COM
  2. Short
  3. Descriptive
  4. Memorable
  5. Easily Said
  6. Makes Sense
  7. Search Term Rich
By The Way - a Registry is a business. Sometimes, that is the only thing a Registry does - accept new Domain names for registration and then, for a fee, record them in the WHOIS database, in your name, so that you are publicly recognized as the legal owner.

See if some of the potential Domain names you've jotted down are available. All Registries have a "search" box prominently displayed on their Home page. Although most of the best .COM Domains for major business sectors were registered long ago… you may get lucky. It never hurts to try.

Assuming you can't find a premium quality Domain that projects the image you want, you will want to peruse our inventory and/or some of the Domain auction ("aftermarket") sites.

At this point, if you haven't reviewed our discussion of Value ("Domain Valuation"), you might want to visit this page before figuring what size investment you are willing to commit to for the Domain you want.

Again, like land… much (but not all) of Domain pricing is influenced by comparable sales. Here are a few "Comps" to peruse. These were taken from - a historical database of Domain name sales.

Keyword = "Listings"
Keyword = "Property"
DomainPriceDateVenue$750,0002005-08-01Private Sale$120,0002007-07-03Private Sale$80,8502006-05-23T.R.A.F.F.I.C.$32,0002006-11-25Moniker$23,5302011-10-12SnapNames
Keywords = "Real Estate"
DomainPriceDateVenue$140,0002014-09-24Private Sale$85,0002015-04-19WebMediaProperties$60,0002011-01-13GoDaddy$53,6112005-08-12SnapNames$50,4502011-04-20SnapNames$44,1872006-06-20Moniker$35,$31,5002015-02-08DomainNameSales
As of Fall 2015 - about 2+ years into the Real Estate recovery market, the trend on Property and Real Estate Domain pricing is UP.

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