$27,000 - expires Mar 31, 2016

Our premium Real Estate Domain pricing policy establishes a price that can be recovered with one or two home or property sales. Prices are modified quarterly to reflect contemporary property values.

Balboa, or the Balboa areas of Newport Beach, CA include the Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island.

Broadly speaking, the Balboa Peninsula has 3 areas - described elswhere in this website. The most expensive area is at the end and is known as Balboa Peninsula Point. As of January, 2016, average home prices in the Balboa Peninsula Point area of the Balboa Peninsula were averaging $4,825,857 according to Realtor.com. BalboaListings.com would likely capture some search engine activity for this area if it was used to anchor an appropriately optimized Real Estate website.

Balboa Island is actually 2 islands but they are usually referred to simply as Balboa Island. Little (Balboa) Island is on the east end and separated by a small canal. Access is via a bridge, heading east on Balboa Avenue. Although lots are smaller than on the Balboa Peninsula, home prices on Balboa Island are pretty close to what you would find on the "non Point" part of the Balboa peninsula. As of January, 2016, average home prices on Little Balboa Island were $2,733,333 acording to Realtor.com.

Throughout Newport Beach, which includes many interior residential areas and townhomes all the way down into the $500,000+ range, the average home price is shown as $2,049,000 per Realtor.com as of January, 2016. The "near the water" premium properties are located on the Balboa Peninsula and surrounding islands and bayfront side running along Bayside Avenue.

Here is how we compute the target price on this premium Real Estate related generic search Domain name for the Balboa areas of Newport Beach, CA and their multi million dollar properties.

We reference Realtor.com and get the average home price, (or compute the average home price for several areas)... sometimes referred to as the Median Value or Median Sale price. We then calculate the full commission on a home priced in the median value range for this area - using the customary "local" commission fee of 5%.

Next, we apply a factor based upon a minimal estimate of what portion of the full commission a Realtor would receive. This typically ranges from a low of 20% to a high of 100% - in the case of VERY special Domains. In the case of  BalboaListings.com,  through the "expires" date above, we have applied a lower range value of 20% and then rounded up to the nearest $500 increment.

As of Fall 2015, we estimate an average Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island price of $2.7M.

The Price... average Price $2.7M * 5% = $135,000 (Full Brokerage Commission).
$135,000 * 20% (estimated Realtor commission capture) =  $27,000  Domain acquisition price.

To discuss how you can acquire and capitalize on this Domain:  BalboaListings.com

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The Pavilion, Balboa Peninsula - bay side of Main Street. The Balboa Pier is on the other side of the peninsula.